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SkinFlex™ is an advanced, patented new hair replacement base, especially designed and developed at Visual Impromptu.

This amazingly realistic base, actually duplicates the appearance of your own scalp, rendering a hairline appearance so natural, it defies detectablity.


Visual Impromptu's Founder and President, Junichi Inoue, developed this extremely thin, very transparent and durable material that acts like a second skin. Even inches away, people can look directly into your part and cannot tell the difference between SkinFlex and your real scalp.

You have to see this fabulous product to truly appreciate how real it looks to even the most critical eye. You will never have to worry or wonder if someone can tell the difference between your hair replacement and hair that grows from your scalp. With SkinFlex, the lack of hair or the lack of confidence is no longer a factor in your life.

Other hair replacement companies, which service literally thousands of clients per week, cannot provide the exquisite custom-made attention to detail. Therefore they use coarse hair, such as Indian or Chinese hair. Some companies have even been known to use Yak hair in their systems to cut costs.

Our demand for nothing less than the finest human hair available in the world is why we have chosen only the finest European hair, specifically Russian and Italian hair, both known for their manageability, strength, durability and texture and the ultimate in a natural, healthy looking head of hair. If you wish, you may even combine both the VR Hairline, and a SkinFlex base.

We prefer this method over any other current methods available on the market today in order to maintain a natural appearance. There are never 'clumps' of hair or multiple strands pulled one way or another, with noticeable knots or attachments to the base.

This state-of-the-art technique allows for our hair replacements to appear so natural that it is virtually impossible to detect the difference, even when wet or combed straight back. You truly have to see it to believe how unbelieveably undetectable the VR Hairline is.

Finally, there truly is a product available at a reasonable price, which gives you exactly what you have been looking for. VR Hairline gives you the freedom to have any hair style you wish, and provides the enjoyment and flexibility to wear your hair in any style you desire.

If you wish, you may even combine both the VR Hairline and a SkinFlex™ base.

We are pleased to show you all of our materials during your consultation with us by appointment, at 1-800-977-4247.


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