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VRHairline™ is a unique method used in the creation of a natural transition at the point where your front hairline meets your forehead.

Unlike many other less expensive systems, this front hairline offers the amazingly realistic appearance of hair growing naturally from your own scalp, enabling you to keep hairstyles you may never have considered possible. Wear it slicked straight back if you choose, or to one side, or any style, which completely exposes the system - all with the confidence that no one will be able to tell where your hair ends and the system begins.

The careful architecture and design of this system, includes soft individual hairs, which appear to literally grow from your scalp when combed or blown away from your forehead.

This is enhanced by an amazingly detailed and workmanship-intensive method, where each hair is carefully placed at just the right angle to duplicate the appearance of real hair growth.

We prefer this method over any other current methods available on the market today in order to maintain a natural appearance. There are never 'clumps' of hair or multiple strands pulled one way or another, with noticeable knots or attachments to the base.

This state-of-the-art technique allows for our hair replacements to appear so natural that it is virtually impossible to detect the difference, even when wet or combed straight back. You truly have to see it to believe how unbelieveably undetectable the VR Hairline is.

Finally, there truly is a product available at a reasonable price, which gives you exactly what you have been looking for. VR Hairline gives you the freedom to have any hair style you wish, and provides the enjoyment and flexibility to wear your hair in any style you desire.

If you wish, you may even combine both the VR Hairline and a SkinFlex™ base.

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