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Hair loss can often cause feelings of insecurity, lack of self-confidence and embarrassment. The person you see in the mirror somehow no longer reflects the person you know you are inside. A sense of helplessness can sometimes take over and begin to affect how comfortable we feel about ourselves in various social settings.

There are several options for dealing with hair loss available in the marketplace, each with its own set of positive and negative aspects.

Surgery is a drastic, expensive measure, but the outcomes are unpredictable and often unnatural in appearance. As well, there is only so much donor hair available from the back of the head, and hair loss will continue, requiring additional surgery at premium cost, both financially and emotionally.

Propecia and similar drugs can often cause undesirable sexual side effects and cannot re-grow the front hairline at all. Many of our clients have expressed that the front hairline was their main concern as they began to experience hair loss.

Rogaine, Avacor and other topical applications are better used as preventative measures rather than hair re-growth solutions as the hair follicle is dead. There is only a small timeframe in which to be able to re-stimulate the hair follicle before it is impossible for it to re-grow hair. Most people aren't sure if they are really losing their hair at first, or if they are just experiencing normal thinning of the hair due to the aging process. Time goes by and suddenly it becomes apparent there is more than typical aging going on here.

Visual Impromptu offers affordable, non-surgical and predictable solutions to hair loss.

We are a boutique-oriented, private salon, offering highly personalized, customized service to our select clients. We are not a large company with thousands of clients where you might get lost in the crowd, left to feel like just another number rather than a valued client.

Our hair solutions are each handcrafted and highly-detailed personally, by our President, Junichi Inoue, in our own onsite laboratory and production facility.

We offer FREE consultations, with no obligation, and welcome you to examine personally, all of the materials we utilize in the creation of our sophisticated Hair Systems, such as the VRHairline™ (virtual reality hairline), or the SkinFlex™ Systems

We also offer a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

Do something for yourself today and call us for an appointment at 1-800-977-HAIR (4247). We will gladly answer all of your questions and help you understand exactly what it is we offer, which we believe is the most viable, affordable solution, best-looking and least detectable solution available.


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